Sigma Series High-Speed Precision Semi-Rotary Digital Label Finishing System

The Sigma Series High-Speed Precision Semi-Rotary Digital Label Finishing System by AZTECH is a full-featured modular system designed specifically to meet and exceed the need for high yield, fast turnaround production for today’s digital label printing market. With the ability to make fast changeovers, hold extremely tight registration and operate at speeds up to 175 feet/minute, the Sigma Series will prove to be an invaluable tool to support your company’s future digital print growth.

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Standard Sigma Series System Features

  • Rigid, dual-sided die frame for maximum support and durability
  • Large diameter unwind with pneumatically inflatable, unwind spindle
  • Ultrasonic web guide for processing clear and opaque substrates
  • Infeed and outfeed re-registration nips with variable speed servo motors and drives
  • Two fully supported, invertible die stations, with hardened anvil rolls and die blocks
  • Servo-driven die cylinder capable of advancing and reversing in semi-rotary mode
  • Web management festoon capable of advancing and reversing web in semi-rotary mode
  • Heavy-duty variable speed main system servo motor and drive
  • Interchangeable slitting module with a choice of rotary shear, crush knife or razor slitting
  • Dual, independently-driven, reversible rewind spindles
  • Registration sensor and user-friendly HMI touchscreen control panel
  • Programmable multi-function counter
  • Simple integration of fanfolder, conveyor and stacker systems

Click here for the AZTECH Converting Systems' Sigma Series System Specifications.

Full-Rotary and Semi-Rotary Die Cutting and Finishing

Equipped with Servo-Driven, for both Full-Rotary and Semi-Rotary die cutting and finishing capabilities, the Sigma Series is adaptable to your changing converting needs.

When your business is flush with conventional, longer run orders, operate the machine in full-rotary mode for faster run speeds and to optimize run-time efficiencies and yield.

When you require finishing of multi-SKU, short-run client orders, leverage the Semi-rotary die cutting capability of the Sigma Series. Operating in Semi-rotary mode will provide the benefits of shorter setup and change over time, as well as decrease tooling costs.

AZTECH’s unique Servo-Driven Re-registration System allows our customers to produce die cut labels and media with print to die cut tolerances that meet and exceed client expectations. Set-up and operation of the Re-registration system is achieved through the use of an AZTECH designed touchscreen interface that is operator-friendly and efficient.

Sigma Series Process Expansion Capabilities

Consistent with the entire AZTECH die cutting and finishing product line, the Sigma Series is a modular platform that is capable of process expansion. Consider additional Process Expansion Modules (PEM’s) to enhance the capability of your Sigma Series machine as your budget allows, or as your clients request.

Popular PEM’s include Flexographic Printing, UV curing, Hot Air Drying, Lamination, and RD Underscore. There are many other module options from which to choose.

Click here for a full list of Process Expansion Modules available.

Sigma Series Digital Label Finishing System Downloads

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