Roll X 90 Tabletop Inspection Rewinder

If you’re looking for a low-cost and efficient machine to doctor or unwind, inspect and rewind labels or converted products, the AZTECH Roll X 90 Tabletop Inspection Rewinder could be a great fit for your company!

AZTECH has revolutionized the capability of the industry standard tabletop winding system by providing a solution which is fully 90 degree invertible which allows our customers to operate the Roll X 90 in either the vertical or horizontal operating position.

Other more costly systems are restricted to processing rolls on the horizontal table surface only. AZTECH Converting Systems has created a design which allows for both horizontal and vertical roll processing.

You have the option of bi-directional doctoring or inspecting of your media in either the conventional horizontal orientation, or a more conventional vertical web handling orientation with a simple 90-degree pivot of the table. This can be a huge benefit when working with delicate or larger, heavy rolls that have a tendency to curl under their own weight or require better and lighter tension control.

The Roll X Tabletop Inspection Rewinder can be provided to handle either 10-inch or 13-inch wide substrates. Process rolls up to 22-inch diameter, on standard 3-inch cores in a manner that best suits your needs and product requirements.

The standard system comes equipped with a programmable incremental counter. Optional label counter and optional core/spindle sizes are available upon request.

Roll X 90 Specifications

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Whether your company is small or large, focuses on printing, finishing, inspection or custom converting, AZTECH can manufacture a system for your requirements and your client’s needs.

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