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Material Handling Equipment

How will Material Handling Equipment impact my business positively?

Safety, Safety, Safety!

AZTECH’s Material Handling systems reduce workplace injuries and expensive materials damage!

What does “AZMaterial Handling Equipment” mean?

At AZTECH Converting Systems, it means everything! Many years ago, our company made a concerted effort to design an array of products that would be complimentary to our core Rotary Die Cutting, Finishing and Slitter Rewinding equipment.

From that effort emerged multiple roll lifting designs including the recognized industry leader….the RollRunner. The RollRunner system lifts, loads and unloads rolls from floor or pallet to converting machine, or from machine to floor or pallet.

The RollRunner is the most highly sought after unit in AZTECH’s material handling product line. Interestingly, once clients witnessed the capability and craftsmanship of the RollRunner system, they began to request additional roll lifting and orienting solutions to more efficiently move rolls.

Our discussions yielded the next generation of AZTECH roll handling equipment, including:

In some cases, the second generation roll handling products complement our Rotary Die Cutting, Finishing, and Slitter Rewind Systems. In most instances they are used by custom converters who have applications and processes that are a complete departure from Die Cutting, Finishing and Slitter Rewinding.

Our engineering staff continues to look for opportunities to minimize operator stress and injury while using AZTECH equipment.

Tooling and machined rolls for our Rotary Die Cutting and Finishing equipment can be very heavy…up to a couple hundred pounds. The weight issue in concert with the fact that die cut tooling is extremely sharp creates a significant safety hazard. Tooling is also expensive and needs to be handled with care.

AZTECH has created several Converting Equipment Accessories to safely maneuver, lift, orient and place die tooling and process rolls.

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