RollRunner Series Mobile Roll Handling Equipment

Truly the original and finest product line of their kind in the industry today, the RollRunner Series of heavy-duty, versatile, and productive mobile roll handling products are a vital product for transporting, loading and unloading rolls of material in numerous work environment as they have been for nearly 30 years.

All RollRunner Series models incorporate AZTECH’s E-Z change system of roll attachments, from the standard Roller Core Boom, to a 360 degree Swivel Cradle, a 2-Point Cradle, Flat Load platform, or Lock-n-Load attachment.

Standard safety features include an automatically activated safety brake to prevent the load from dropping in the event of lift cable breakage, a manually activated roll stop to prevent the roll of material from rolling off the end of the attachment, and toe-activated wheel safety brakes to secure in desired position an prevent the RollRunner from accidentally rolling away. With models available to lift loads up to 1500 lbs.(680 Kg), the RollRunner Series will provide safe and reliable service, help reduce workplace injuries, are available with AZTECH’s enhanced manual winch lift or motorized lift, and may be customized and modified to our customer’s precise needs.

RollRunner Features

  • Significantly helps to reduce workplace injuries and material damage
  • Choice of enhanced manually operated winch-lift or 12V motorized transmission lift
  • Utilizes a variety of E-Z change attachments for extreme versatility
  • Smooth, easy maneuverability and operation
  • Automatically activated safety brake to prevent load from falling in event of cable breakage
  • May by customized to customer’s precise needs

RollRunner Specifications

RollRunner MH-400 Series 400 lb. (181 Kg) maximum lift)

MH-400A 39” (990 mm) maximum vertical lift
MH-400B 48” (1219 mm) maximum vertical lift
MH-400C 63” (1600 mm) maximum vertical lift

RollRunner MH-800 Series 800 lb. (362 Kg) maximum lift)

MH-800A 63” (1600 mm) maximum vertical lift
MH-800C 80” (2032 mm) maximum vertical lift

RollRunner MH-1500 Series 1500 lb. (680 Kg) maximum lift)

MH-1500A 48” (1219mm) maximum vertical lift
MH-1500B 63” (1600mm) maximum vertical lift

RollRunner Series Specification

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