BDI Bi-Directional Inspection Rewinder

The BDI Series by Aztech is an ingenious Bi-Directional Inspection Rewinder designed to
detect and place defects and blemishes in our printed materials.  Extremely compact, simple
to operate and affordable, the BDI Series may be equipped with virtually any camera inspection
systemand will prove itself to be an invaluable product for your company's future.

Additionally, the following are standard features of the BDI Series Rewinder

  • Bi-Directional Operation
  • Precision Servo Web Control
  • Label and Increment Counter
  • Ultrasonic Web Guide
  • Load Cell Tension Control
  • Adjustable Slitting Station
  • Automatic Web Reversal to Rework Location When Defect is Detected

BDI Specifications

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