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Slitter Rewind Inspection Systems

AZTECH offers two standard Slitter/Rewind system designs. Both the BSR (base slitter/rewind) and ISR (Inspection slitter/rewind) platforms are solidly-engineered and economical choices for label and special media converting.

Whether your mission is to convert large master rolls to smaller diameter and narrower finished rolls, or to have the ability to add an on-line inspection capability, either the ISR or BSR will be a fit for you! Both models are unwinding, slitting and rewinding systems with master-to-finished roll capability.

APEX Series Extreme High Speed Slitter/Rewind Inspection System

The AZECH APEX Series Extreme High Speed Slitter/Rewind Inspection System is unrivaled in today's Tag & Label Industry, combining the latest in Servo-Web Control with AZTECH's proven reliability, durability, user-freindly operation and affordable pricing.

BDI Bi-Directional Inspection Rewinder

The AZTECH BDI Bi-Directional Inspection Rewinder is designed to detect and place defects and blemishes in our printed materials. Extremely compact, simple to operate and affordable, the BDI Series may be quipped with virtually any camera inspection system and will prove itself to be an invaluable product for your company's future.

BSR Base Slitter Rewinder

The AZTECH BSR Base Slitter Rewinder features a short web-path, compact and vertical footprint with larger unwind and rewind roll diameter capability as compared to the ISR. This system was designed with efficiency and affordability in mind. Finished roll converting, as well as basic LED strobe and rudimentary camera/vision inspection are strengths of the BSR slitter/rewind.

ISR Inspection Slitter Rewinder

The ISR Inspection Slitter Rewind was designed specifically for clients that intend to incorporate basic strobe or sophisticated on-line vision inspection into their everyday slitting/rewinding process. The ISR model features a horizontal footprint, designated camera mounting platform and web accumulation to facilitate defect detection, removal and splicing.

Roll X 90 Tabletop Inspection Rewinder

If you don’t require slitting, and you’re interested in an affordable unit to inspect labels and other converted products, AZTECH Converting Systems can provide the Roll X 90, a roll-to-roll, table top inspection system.

AZTECH’s Roll X 90 is a compact and inexpensive table top unwinding/rewinding system that allows clients to achieve flexibility and efficiency in their roll inspection process. Check out the link below to learn more about the unique features of the Roll X 90 that separate us from the competition.

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