Die & Roller Lifts

Some of the most difficult and potentially dangerous tasks the printing and converting industries face is that of installing and removing heavy, expensive rotary dies and rollers.  Operators who do not utilize proper lifting equipment put themselves and their company at great risk of sustaining serious injuries if they do not utilize proper equipment.  With that in mind, AZTECH had designed and perfected the E-Z Hoist Series of rotary die and roller lifts/loaders which greatly aid in safely lifting, loading and removing dies and rollers from virtually any line of equipment. Products may be operated by utilizing AZTECH’s press mount blocks, while others utilize AZTECH’s MP Series of Mobile Platform Carts.

E-Z Hoist Model DL-300 for Die & Roller Lifts

The E-Z Hoist Model DL300 has proven itself to be a valuable and reliable solution for safely performing the difficult tasks of lLoading and removing dies and rollers into printing and converting equipment. With its 360 degree rotation and a maximum lift capacity of 300 lbs. (136Kg), and dual pivot points, the Model DL300 may be placed in virtually any location on your equipment utilizing the 4 bolt precision press-mount bearing blocks, or may operate in tandem with either the Model MP200 (200lb, 90 Kg) or MP400 (400 lb. 180Kg) mobile platform.

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Whether your company is small or large, focuses on printing, finishing, inspection or custom converting, AZTECH can manufacture a system for your requirements and your client’s needs.

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