DieMaster DM Series- Non Registering, Full-Rotary System

AZTECH’s DieMaster DM Series is a Full-rotary die cutting machine geared specifically for use in the blank label market and also for wide-ranging applications that do not require re-registration.

This system is equipped to die cut, slit and rewind finished rolls in a single pass. It is extremely versatile, able to convert substrates ranging from thin, unsupported films, to thick tag and gasket substrates.

If you’re in the competitive blank label business, you already know that it’s essential to be able to take full advantage of the top end line speed of your chosen system….and with the DM Series, you can! Our clients routinely run at the full 500 FPM speed in their production process.

The DM Series comes standard with the same rigid frame, robust die cutting components, and offers the same precision die cutting performance as the more sophisticated DieMaster DMRR machine, but without the additional cost associated with the Re-registering system.

Standard DieMaster DM Series system features are:

  •  Rigid, dual-sided die frame for maximum support and durability
  • Large diameter unwind with pneumatically inflatable, unwind spindle
  • Ultrasonic web guide for processing clear and opaque substrates
  • Two fully supported, invertible die stations, with hardened anvil rolls and die blocks
  • Heavy-duty variable speed main system servo motor and drive
  • Interchangeable slitting module with a choice of rotary shear, crush knife or razor slitting
  • Dual, independently-driven, reversible rewind spindles
  • Programmable multi-function counter
  • Simple integration of fanfolder, conveyor and stacker systems

In addition to the standard system features, AZTECH offers a variety of processing options such as automated rewind tension control, on-line inspection, flexographic printing and laminating to compliment the base machine. Please review our complete list of Process Expansion Modules to learn about the additional capability that can be applied to your equipment purchase.

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