ISR Inspection Slitter / Rewinder

AZTECH’s ISR Inspection Slitter/Rewind system was developed specifically for clients with a need to process their printed media using basic strobe inspection and also more sophisticated 100% camera inspection equipment. Although the previously mentioned BSR system can be equipped with either vision capability, the ISR provides an inspection tower with LED strobe as standard equipment, plus additional features to enhance operation using camera inspection.

A key feature includes the addition of a second splice table and inspection area. The first table is extended length and facilitates simplistic and ergonomic mounting of the chosen camera inspection system. When a defect is recognized by the vision camera, the web travels a predetermined distance to the second splice table. Once stopped, the defect web is either manually cut and removed, or can be cut and rewound with an optional take-up rewind to efficiently remove it from the finished roll.

ISR Models are available in 10” (254mm), 13” (330mm), 16” (406mm), 18” (457mm), and 20” (504mm) web widths and operate up to 750 FPM. The system is capable of slitting and winding a wide variety of substrates from thin, unsupported films to thick and rigid tag stocks.

The ISR Inspection Slitter/Rewind is also equipped with a 30” (762 mm) maximum diameter unwind, including a 3” diameter inflatable spindle and heavy-duty pneumatically-controlled disk brake and Automatic End-of-Roll Shutoff. 18” (457 mm) maximum diameter rewind(s) with 3” diameter EZ change Inflatable spindle(s) are standard with this model.

Additionally, the following are also standard features of the ISR Slitter/Rewind:

  • Smooth and reliable clutch-less drive with controlled acceleration and deceleration
  • Adjustable Electronic Tension Control
  • Dual Inspection/Splice tables
  • Reversible rewind(s) for over or under winding
  • Interchangeable Slitting Modules with choice of Rotary Shear, Razor, or Crush knife
  • Programmable Incremental Counter
  • Accuweb Ultrasonic Web Guide

ISR Options

  • PLC-Controlled automatically adjusted web tension with Operator Touch Screen
  • A integrated vision inspection systems for blemish, color and missing label detection
  • Various diameters of EZ Change Rewind Spindles 
  • Bowed Spread Roller for separating finished rolls at rewind 
  • Pneumatic Top Rider Roller(s) for unsupported film and large diameter roll rewinding 
  • Lamination Station with 3” diameter inflatable spindle
  • Waste windup with 3” diameter inflatable spindle

ISR Specifications

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