E-Z Hoist Model MCL-400 Mobile Crane Lift for Die & Roller Lifts

Much like the Model DL300, but the E-Z Hoist Model MCL400 Mobile Crane Lift also has proven a vital tool for safely loading and unloading heavy and expensive rotary dies and rollers while helping reduce workplace injuries. With its 360 degree rotation and a maximum lift capacity of 400 lbs. (181 Kg), the Model MP400 has additional weight lifting capability and extension utilizing the MP400 (400 lb. 180Kg) mobile platform. The MCL400 is equipped with precision caster wheels, and rubberized cradle mounts to safely hold the dies and rollers during operation.

E-Z Hoist Model MCL400 Specifications

  • Reduces workplace injuries and costly die and roller damage 
  • 400 lb. (181 Kg) maximum lift capacity
  • Smooth and easy up and down movement utilizing AZTECH’s enhanced winch system
  • Equipped with standard MP400 mobile platform 

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